Lost Rights
by James Bovard

Publisher’s Description
From Justice Department officials seizing people’s homes based on mere rumors to the IRS and its master plan to prohibit the nation’s self-employed from working for themselves to the perpetrators of the Waco siege, government officials are tearing the Bill of Rights to pieces. Today’s citizen is now more likely than ever to violate some unknown law or regulation and be placed at the mercy of an administrator or politician hungering for publicity. Unfortunately, the only way many government agencies can measure their “public service” is by the number of citizens they harass, hinder, restrain, or jail. Already a major issue in the deliberations of the Congress that took office in January of 1995, the power and size of government is certain to be a prominent factor in the 1996 presidential elections. Lost Rights provides a highly entertaining analysis of the bloated excess of government and the plight of contemporary Americans beaten into submission by a horrible parody of the Founding Fathers’ dream.

 1    The New Leviathan
 2    Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights
 3    The Proliferation of Petty Dictatorships
 4    Politics vs. Contracts
 5    Subsidies and Subjugation
 6    The Opportunity Police
 7    Guns, Drugs, Searches, and Snares
 8    Taxing and Tyrannizing
 9    Spiking Speech, Bankrupting Newspapers, and Jamming Broadcasts
 10  Conclusion