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Peikoff on ARI – Not !

Something Leonard Peikoff wrote about conservatives back in 1991 today applies equally as well to ARI-objectivists, including himself. Substituting “ARI-objectivist” and other phrases in place of Mr. Peikoff’s conservative references, the conclusion of chapter 10 of Objectivism (*) would read in part as follows (substitutions bolded and irrelevant text silently omitted):

Precisely because of ARI’s pretense at defending capitalism, they are morally lower than the liberals; they are farther removed from reality and, therefore, they are more harmful in practice. They are the main source of political confusion in Objectivist circles; they give the illusion of an alternative without the fact. Thus the statist drift proceeds unchecked and unchallenged.

The ARI-objectivist attempts to tie the politics of the Founding Fathers to unreason such as open borders and, not too consistently, the cult of Israel.

Freedom is the opposite of these creeds and so is Objectivism their opposite.
Well said. The trouble is, Mr. Peikoff doesn’t say it.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, a book based on a series of lectures Mr. Peikoff gave under Ayn Rand’s supervision. Chapter 10 is entitled “Government.”