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Thank Pinochet

The above title is the one ARI suggested for reprinting their letter:

Letter to the Editor from the Ayn Rand Institute

Dear Editor:

Thirty years ago, on September 11, 1973, Gen. Pinochet saved Chile from the claws of Marxist dictator Salvador Allende, who, if left in power, would have turned Chile into a brutal communist dictatorship that would have enslaved and ruined the lives of millions of Chileans.

As horrible as Pinochetís crimes were, they certainly pale in comparison to the wide scale atrocities that would have been committed by the totalitarian, leftist government of Allende. Had Pinochet and his supporters not acted in a forceful manner, the death toll would have been not in the hundreds, but in the hundreds of thousands.


David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute

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One venue that reprinted the letter, dated September 15, 2003 and using ARIís suggested title, was the Global Network of Independent Media Centres, a.k.a. Indymedia. It used to be available at

but not since Indymedia began reorganizing their website.

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