<< Antitwister
for Windows computers
(upgraded  1 December 2021)

When you click Download Antitwister,  different browsers behave a little differently:

Google’s Chrome saves Antitwister.exe to your Downloads folder and at the bottom of the browser displays a link to it.

Mozilla’s Firefox asks if you would like to save Antitwister.exe. Click “Save File” and it saves the program in your Downloads folder. Then you must find the saved program yourself:  open Windows Explorer and find the Downloads folder. Inside the folder you can double-click Antitwister.exe to run it.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer asks whether you want to Run or Save Antitwister.exe. Choose “Run” if you want to run the program without saving it for later. “Save” places Antitwister.exe in your Downloads folder, after which the browser asks if you want to run it now.

Microsoft’s Edge says Antitwister was “blocked because it could harm your device.”  Hover your mouse to the right of that slander and click “...” then “Keep.” Then it says “this app is not commonly downloaded ...”  When you click “Show more” Nanny Edge finally gives you the option “Keep anyway”. After that it goes like Internet Explorer except with “open” instead of “run.”

In Windows 7, the first time you run Antitwister, Windows will display the scary message  “Unknown Publisher: publisher could not be verified.”  I can’t verify Windows, so there.  Uncheck “Always ask ...” to stop seeing this message.

In Windows 10 you get the message  “This program is not commonly downloaded ...” – if it stopped there we would not disagree, but it goes on to say – “and could harm your computer.”  This is slander.  Maybe the cretin responsible for that message will fall down a crack in the earth during an earthquake. I like to imagine that happening. It consoles me.

You can move the file Antitwister.exe anywhere, it is a self-contained program. You can create a shortcut to it by right-clicking the file, then clicking “Create shortcut.” Then move the resulting shortcut to, for example, your desktop or taskbar.

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