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Who Killed James Forrestal ?
Articles by  David Martin  (DC  Dave)

Who Killed James Forrestal?  (part 1)
Introductory article explaining why Forrestal’s death was suspicious, written without benefit of the Willcutts Report (which didn’t come to light until later). Analyzes several New York Times articles published around the time and three biographies:
  • James Forrestal: A Study of Personality, Politics, and Policy
    by Arnold A. Rogow (1963).
  • The Death of James Forrestal
    by Cornell Simpson (1966).
  • Driven Patriot: The Life and Times of James Forrestal
    by Townsend Hoopes and Douglas Brinkley (1992).

  • The short version
    Compares and contrasts Forrestal’s death with that of Vince Foster, describes the reaction of Forrestal’s brother, notes that the Willcutts Report (as described in newspapers at the time) did not conclude suicide, considers who benefited from Forrestal’s death, points out prime suspects.

    Who Killed James Forrestal?  (part 2)
    Much more analysis, this time informed by the Willcutts Report.

    New Document Exposes Cover-up
    Public announcement of the discovery of the Willcutts Report.

    Who Killed James Forrestal?  (part 3)
    Analyzes a Washington Post newspaper article published on the 50th anniversary of Forrestal’s death. Compares the alleged Forrestal transcription of a Greek poem with authentic samples of his handwriting.

    Forrestal’s Handwriting?
    Photostats of Forrestal’s alleged transcription of Sophocles’ “Chorus From Ajax” then several samples of his handwriting from the Truman Library archives.

    Who Killed James Forrestal?  (part 4)
    Compares Forrestal with Britain’s Foreign Minister, Ernest Bevin, who proto-Israeli Zionists planned to assassinate in 1946. (This per MI5. Security was tightened in response which may have thwarted such an attempt.) Compares Forrestal’s death with the assassination of Folke Bernadotte of Sweden. Says that Cornell Simpson is the penname of Medford Evans but corrects that statement in an update at the article’s end.

    Who Killed James Forrestal?  (part 5)
    Announces Princeton’s Seeley Mudd Manuscript Library’s acquisition of the Willcutts Report and describes the response of the press and historians to it:
  • David E. Kaiser, Professor of History at the Naval War College.
  • Christopher Sharrett, Professor of Communications at Seton Hall University.
  • Donald A. Ritchie, U.S. Senate Historian.
  • Nickolas Roth, Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.
  • Loren Ghiglione, Professor of Media Ethics at Northwestern University’s School of Journalism.

  • James Carroll on James Forrestal
    About the book
    House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power
    by James Carroll.

    David Martin’s letters to:
  • Douglas Brinkley,  Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Center for American Civilization at Tulane University.
  • David Roll,  of Steptoe & Johnson and co-author with Keith McFarland of the book Louis Johnson and the Arming of America.

  • Slander
    Letter to James Barrens, Executive Director of the Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies at St. Leo University, and James A. Rudin of same.

    Post Reporter Continues Cover-up
    Letter to Steve Vogel, Washington Post Pentagon correspondent and author of the book The Pentagon: A History.

    Spook Shrink Flubs Script
    Letter to Jerrold Post – Professor of Psychiatry, Political Psychology and International Affairs; Director of the Political Psychology Program at George Washington University; founder and former director of the CIA’s Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior.

    Lies about the Kennedy and Forrestal Deaths
    Letter to Brian Balogh, Associate Professor of History at the University of Virginia and co-director of the Miller Center Fellowships in Public Affairs.

    Handwriting Tells Dark Tale?  (by Hugh Turley)
    As does Forrestal’s former chauffeur, John Spalding.

    Interview of John Spalding, James Forrestal’s Navy driver
    Audio recording of an interview conducted on August 20, 2007.

    On “Cornell Simpson,” Medford Evans, M. Stanton Evans, and the John Birch Society
    About the authorship and nature of the book  The Death of James Forrestal  by Cornell Simpson, a pseudonym.

    Forrestal Ignored
    Forrestal’s plan to end the war with Japan five and a half months before the atom bombing, if followed, would have prevented the deaths of thousands of American soldiers at Okinawa and in other needless battles, and helped prevent post-war insanities such as allowing the Soviet Union to take over Eastern Europe.

    James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy
    An interesting comparison of various accounts of Joseph McCarthy’s final illness.  Forrestal’s has not been the only questionable death at Bethesda.

    The Pearl Harbor Betrayal and James Forrestal’s Death – as told by Walter Trohan
    Walter Trohan was a journalist for the Chicago Tribune and its bureau chief in Washington, D.C. during and after WW II.  He helped expose FDR’s duplicity about Pearl Harbor.  This is in contrast to his later treatment of James Forrestal, about whose death he parrots the conventional story.  The above article contains many interesting quotes from his autobiography Political Animals: Memoirs of a Sentimental Cynic  regarding Pearl Harbor.

    Who Killed James Forrestal?  (part 6)
    A history book finally uses the Willcutts Report as one of its sources, The Hawk and the Dove: Paul Nitze, George Kennan, and the History of the Cold War by Nicholas Thompson, yet it still perpetuates the myth of Forrestal’s suicide.

    Oliver Stone on James Forrestal
    Leftists attack Forrestal’s anti-communism by means of his alleged suicide, as illustrated in The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.  The above article analyzes the book’s willfully poor scholarship.

    Man Awarded Ph.D. for Trashing Martin, Forrestal
    Comments on Matthew McNiece’s Ph.D. thesis “Un-Americans” and “Anti-Communists”: The Rhetorical Battle to Define Twentieth-Century America.

    The Forrestal Murder and the News Media
    An up-to-date review of the Forrestal case and David Martin’s work on it. Begins by telling how he first became interested in Forrestal while investigating the news media’s treatment of another mysterious death, that of Vince Foster. He points out the similar types of lies, distortions and omissions used to promote the suicide story in both cases.

    Persistent Lies About James Forrestal
    Details David Martin’s effort to get two websites to set their records straight.

    Letter to a Court Historian about Forrestal’s Death
    Letter to Prof. Gregg Herken (emeritus), author of The Georgetown Set: Friends and Rivals in Cold War Washington.

    The American (Establishment) Catholic on Forrestal’s Death
    Letters to Donald R. McClarey and Tito Edwards of The American Catholic about Mr. McClarey’s article “James Forrestal and his Prophecy.”

    Spartacus Drops the Ball on Forrestal
    Letter to John Simkin about his Spartacus Educational website’s entry on Forrestal.

    Daughter of Key Forrestal Witness Surfaces
    A daughter of Edward Prise emailed David Martin on September 26, 2017. The meat of her message reads:
    My father “lived in fear of something happening because of information he knew about the case. We grew up hearing whispers between our parents in reference to this matter but were not allowed to ask for details. Even up until a year prior to my father’s death in 1991 he had called me and was in fear that he was going to be questioned again about the issue. ... it was always a shadow in our lives.”
    Mr. Martin considers why Prise would be afraid and, in particular, points out that 1991 was when Hoopes and Brinkley were working on their biography of Forrestal.

    Frightened Forrestal Witness Became War Hero
    About the subsequent war record of Edward Prise. And about his name being obscured in the Willcutts Report (where it is Price) along with that of another witness, Nurse Hardy (where it is Harty). Reasons to believe Forrestal was murdered rather than committing suicide.

    James Forrestal, the Great Patriot
    A capsule biography of Forrestal covering the years before March 1949. It is the Introduction from David Martin’s book (now its second edition)  The Assassination of James Forrestal.  See also the book review by Catherine Austin Fitts.

    James Forrestal’s “Breakdown”
    An astute reader of Mr. Martin’s book (see above) found a news article of March 29, 1948 – datelined the day before – that describes the Capitol Hill ceremony at which Truman presented Forrestal with the Distinguished Service medal. The article concludes:
    “Forrestal is flying tomorrow to Hobe Sound, Fla., for a long rest.”
    This completely explodes Marx Leva’s account of how Forrestal came to visit Hobe Sound, and indeed his whole account of Forrestal’s movements after the ceremony.

    James Forrestal’s “Anti-Semitism”
    “What is it about being critical of Jews that is so special and different that it could get Forrestal labeled an awful anti-Semite by a wide range of scholars ... based upon the flimsiest of evidence?”

    James Forrestal and Palestine
    Zionists may have been as much behind Forrestal’s untimely death as they were the destruction of his reputation.

    Israel’s Murder, Inc.
    Zionists have a long history of assassinating perceived enemies.  Adapted from the concluding chapter of  The Assassination of James Forrestal.

    The Other British Forrestal
    Besides Ernest Bevin (see above), another Briton may have been in the proto-Israelis’ crosshairs: Lord Northcliffe (Alfred Harmsworth), owner of a number of British newspapers, including a controlling interest in the Times. He was openly critical of what Zionists were doing in Israel and met an untimely end. Were the two related? Mr. Martin quotes from Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion (1978) and considers the similarities with Forrestal’s case.

    Godfather of Soviet Containment Is Cancel Culture Victim
    Historian Ralph B. Levering airbrushes Forrestal off the pages of history.

    Untruths in Forrestal Book Review
    The author of  The Assassination of James Forrestal takes issue with an Amazon book reviewer.

    “Dean of Cold War Historians” on James Forrestal
    The “dean” being John Lewis Gaddis.

    James Forrestal, Harry Truman, and Israel
    Mendacity and murder in the creation of Israel.

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