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Letter From Genevieve Sanford To Michael Berliner

Genevieve Sanford

October 12, 1995

Dr. Michael Berliner, Executive Director
The Ayn Rand Institute
4640 Admiralty Way - Suite 715
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6620

Dear Mike:

Rick and I have been supporters of the Ayn Rand Institute since its inception. We have also been friends with Edith Packer and George Reisman for over 25 years. Could you please explain to us the reasons for ARI's moral denunciation of George and Edith? How did the issue change from one in which the two parties had irreconcilable differences that were not philosophical, as stated previously by ARI, to one in which the Reismans' school was no longer supported by ARI and the Reismans themselves were morally denounced? Rick and I would appreciate hearing from you first-hand on the matter.


Genevieve Sanford