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Letter from Richard and Genevieve Sanford to Leonard Peikoff

Richard Sanford
Genevieve Sanford

November 10. 1995

Dear Leonard,

We have your letter of 9/17/95. Your assertion that Gen and I "defend a policy of agnosticism" is false. We have valid reasons, that have nothing to do with agnosticism, for not making a public statement on the ARI-Reisman issue at present. You still have not answered our request for facts supporting your condemnation of the Reismans. Your requirement that we agree with you "on purely philosophical issues" before you give us the facts is inappropriate. You have a moral obligation to support your assertions with facts regardless of ours or anyone else's "differences in epistemology." As long as you fail to provide justification, we will continue to judge the issue on whatever evidence we have available at the time.


Richard and Genevieve Sanford