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About the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington D.C.:

“Over the years, diligent researchers and courageous journalists have largely demolished the original narrative of those events, and have made a strong, perhaps even overwhelming case that the Israeli Mossad together with its American collaborators played the central role. My own reconstruction, substantially relying upon such accumulated evidence, came to such conclusions, and I am therefore republishing it below ...”
So writes Ron Unz, founder of The American Conservative magazine (he is no longer associated with it) and founder and editor of the online Unz Review, in his introduction to a review of his articles about the 9/11 attacks.  Read it in full at

Seeking 9/11 Truth After Twenty Years
September 7, 2021

Instead of worrying over the technical details of the attacks, the “what happened,” Ron Unz focuses on the “who did it” and “why.”  All that matters about the first, the technical details, is that the overall evidence shows (1) the official narrative is a pack of lies, and (2) the attacks had to have been the work of a sophisticated organization with access to advanced military technology.

ARI says:  “Israel is our ally in the Middle East.”

This is our ally?