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The Trump Years and Beyond
The 2016 Presidential Election
The Clinton Years and Today
War on Terrorism
Vince Foster
Oklahoma City Bombing
James Forrestal
Our Culture
Corrupt Journalism
Thomas Merton
Obama Administration
Pan Am 103 (Lockerbie)
Miscellaneous Government Corruption
UNICOR  (Federal Prison Industries)
John F. Kennedy
Puerto Rico
The Red Decade and After
World War II
Amelia Earhart
War on Drugs

 Within each subject division the articles are ordered by date, the latest last.

 The Trump Years and Beyond
Deplorable Washington Post Letters
Who Is Donald Trump?
Seth Rich Equals Vince Foster?  (also under Vince Foster)
Is the Fix in for Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee?
Christopher Ruddy on Brett Kavanaugh  (also under Vince Foster)
Daniel Best: Trump’s Vince Foster?
Scarce News on Admiral Stearney’s Death
Is Lt. Col. Vindman CIA?Alexander Vindman of the impeachment inquiry
Divine Intervention in Trump Vote Challenge?David Bossie gets the virus
The Big Guy Addressabout Joseph Biden
Kavanaugh Stabbed Supporters, Nation in the Back over Vote
CIA Election MeddlingStefan Halper, Mole or Weasel?
CIA Finally Pulling the Plug on Biden – if David Ignatius is representative
Giant Trampling Sound
Pat Buchanan, Where Are You ?
Immigration Pearl Harbor ?
Fair Si, Buchanan No
Stop Guestworker Expansion
FAIR or Foul on Guestworkers ?
Giving Away American Jobs
Has Obama Gone Bulworth on Alien Smuggling?
H-2A Kingpin Stumbles on H-2B
Associated Press Gives Alien Smugglers Infomercial
Video of Labor Goon Slugging Labor Organizer
Feds Pile new Charges on Top Alien SmugglerStan Eury
The Great Suppression of 2014  (also under Corrupt Journalism)
USDOL Embraces Major Alien Smugglernamely Lee Wicker
Wrist Slap for Top Alien Smuggler?namely Stan Eury
Press, Justice System Hit New Low on Alien SmugglingStan Eury’s sentence
Europe’s Demographic Suicidemore on GeorgeWeigel
Demographics on the Ground
Local High School Can’t Field Football Team
 The 2016 Presidential Election
Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian ?
Jay Billington Trump and The Post
Trump’s Gorgeous Wife Naked?
Trump Half Right on Immigration, Hispanic Crime
The Money and the Power – A Review of the book by Sally Denton & Roger Morris, also under Corrupt Journalism
Trump Supporter’s House Vandalized
Hillary Clinton’s Lack of Interest in Cover-up of Foster’s Murder  (by Hugh Turley), also under Vince Foster
Fake Advice Letter Smears Trump
Prostitution, Blackmail, and the Presidency  (also under The Clinton Years and Today)
Does a Real Opponent Hire Fake Opposition?e.g. David Bossie
An Honest Book on the Vince Foster Casereview of Hillary and Vince: A Story of Love, Death, and Cover-Up by Dean Arnold
WaPo: Donald “Hitler” Can Still Be StoppedThe Washington Post is not going quietly
The Fayetteville “Sucker Puncher’s” Last Stand
Post Gives away “Sucker-Punch” Game
Three Accurate Poetic Predictions?
Fake Scholarship on “Fake News”review of an NBER monograph by Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow
More on Fake Scholarship
 The Clinton Years and Today
Letter to “The Washington Times”
So He Lied, So What ?
House Debunks TWA Missile Theory
Clinton and Cronkite: Odd Couple ?
Starbucks Story Changesabout Mary Caitrin “Caity” Mahoney
Starbucks News Suppression
Starbucks Fallback Fall Guy (updated)
Starbucks Suspect Recanted Before Confession Announced
Carl Limbacher in Newsmax
Starbucks Railroad Job on Track
Starbucks Surveillance (updated)
Barr Follows DC Dave
Charles Murray’s “Dreyfus Affair”
The Real Monkey Business
Kathleen Willey Dissects Hillary Clinton
Sidney Blumenthal, Vince Foster, and the Deep State  (also under Vince Foster)
The Clintons’ War on Women – A Review of book by Roger Stone & Robert Morrow
The Trooper, Drugs, and the Clintons – A Review of the book Crossfire by L. D. Brown
Boy Clinton and Wife – A Review of the book by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Prostitution, Blackmail, and the Presidency  (also under The 2016 Presidential Election)
Chandra Levy and Mary Caitrin Mahoney
Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir – A Review of the book by Dolly Kyle, also under Vince Foster
Coming Half Clean about Bill Clinton  (see also  Vince Foster)
Why Hillary Used a Private Server
Bill Clinton, Hero – in Kosovo
 War on Terrorism
Bin Laden’s Home Video  (satire)
Power-Lust and President Bush
The Ashcroft Imperative  (by Hugh Turley)
Bush Divulges 9-11 Complicity Again ?
Michael Chertoff, Master of the Cover-up
Cause of Chinook Crash Still Undetermined  (satire)
Connected Iraq War Opponent a “Suicide”
George Bush’s Secret Letter to Iran  (satire)
Flight 93 Ordered Shot Down
Do We Still Have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Sons ?
The Case of Lt. Kuczynski  (by Hugh Turley)
Groping Granny for Show
Learned Helplessness  (by Hugh Turley)
Martial Machismo: At What Cost ?
Was Katharine Graham Killed for 9/11 ?
Homeland Insecurity ?
The Chertoff Century
Syria: War on Iran Through the Back Door?
Pearl Harbor vs. 9/11  (also under World War II)
Parade of Lies, Part 8  – Parade Magazine’s Latest Bunkum  (also under Corrupt Journalism)
George Bush’s First Torture Scandal  (update of “Power-Lust and President Bush” above)
Did We Pull the Plug on the Shah?
Disappearing Children  (by Hugh Turley)
The 9/11 Mystery Planereview of Mark Gaffney’s book
Black 9/11review of Mark Gaffney’s book subtitled Money, Motive and Technology
Lying about Syria and Bombing
We Pulled the Plug on the Shah
 Vince Foster
This George Can Tell a Lie
America’s Dreyfus Affair – Part 1
America’s Dreyfus Affair – Part 2
America’s Dreyfus Affair – Part 3
America’s Dreyfus Affair – Part 4
America’s Dreyfus Affair – Part 5
America’s Dreyfus Affair – Part 6
Gene Lyons, Paid Liar, Murder Enabler
Letter to “60 Minutes” (i)
Vincent W. Foster and Tommy Burkett
Letter to “60 Minutes” (ii)
Letter to WWRC
Cohen on Ruddy
The Strange Death of Vincent Foster – A Review  of the book by Christopher Ruddy
Just a Reporter
Expert Witnesses
Bossie Claims Ignorance
Post Propaganda on Foster
The Post’s Sloppy Cover-up
New Foster Cover-up Book
Dan Moldea’s America
The Moral Midgets of American Academia
Student Journalism Contest $500 Prize
Moldea on Foster, Whitewater, and Impeachment
Fake Clinton Critic Ruddy
The Counsel, the Cop, and the Keys
Does Yale Hold the Key ?
The Noble Scribes
More Ruddy Trickery
Posner the Propagandist
News Suppression, The Second Layer
Vince Foster’s Valuable Murder
Review of  FBICover-up.com
Book Review
More Propaganda
Gail Sheehy’s Cover-up Book
Larry King Blames the “Clinton Haters”
Truthful Article about the FBI
The Press and the Death of Vincent Foster
ZNet (Truth) Challenged
Hillary’s Secret War  (a review)
Spook Shrink Flubs Script  (also under James Forrestal)
Foster Case Resignation Letter Surfacesabout Miguel Rodriguez
Baylor, You Have a Problemabout the new president of Baylor University
Documents Reveal Judges’ Deliberations  (by Hugh Turley)
The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starrreview of Kenneth Gormley’s book
Taped Exchange Exposes “Pit Bull” Dan Burton as Yapping Lap Dog
A Witness Harassed, Americans Fooled: The Foster Case
Vince Foster, Richard Cory, and Abe Lincoln
Dissenting Memo Surfaces from Starr Team
Double Agent Ruddy Reaching for Media Pinnacle  (also under Corrupt Journalism)
The Forrestal Murder and the News Media  (also under James Forrestal)
Judge Posner’s One-Way Mirror  (update of “Posner the Propagandist” above)
Latest Foster Cover-Up Book Not Completely Worthlessreview of Following Orders by Marinka Peschmann
How to Become a “Made Man” in the MediaDavid Corn, Peter Baker, Conason, Lyons, Goulden, Von Drehle ...
The Secret Government’s Made MenUpdate on “The Counsel, the Cop, and the Keys”
Is She Onboard with the Cover-Up?she being Lucia Rambusch
Letter to a Historian over Foster and the Clintons
Sidney Blumenthal, Vince Foster, and the Deep State  (also under The Clinton Years and Today)
Professors Can’t Explain Vince Foster’s Last Ride  (by Hugh Turley)
Antonin Scalia and the Cover-Up of Vincent Foster’s Murder
Hillary Clinton’s Continuing Lack of Interest in Cover-up of Vince Foster’s Murder  (by Hugh Turley), also under The 2016 Presidential Election
Pollyanna on Vince Foster and our Presidentsreview of The American President by William Leuchtenburg
Sheila Anthony Defends Her Changed Foster Story
Waxing Indignant over Vince Foster Death Critics
Latest FBI Fakery on Vince Foster Death  (by Hugh Turley), also under Corrupt Journalism
Dolly Kyle, Vince Foster, and the Ku Klux Klancomments on Hillary, the Other Woman
Selling the Foster “Suicide” to Hillary Haters
Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir – A Review of the book by Dolly Kyle, also under The Clinton Years and Today
Vince Foster’s Indignant but Curiously Unconcerned SisterSheila Anthony  (by Hugh Turley)
Was Vince Foster’s Murder PizzaGate-Related?
The BBC Wanted Me
Vince Foster, Tommy Burkett, and Fake Newsincludes reprint of an article by Hugh Turley
Seth Rich Equals Vince Foster?  (also under The Trump Years)
Brazile, Foster, and the Look Up Factor
HHS Nominee Deep State Made Man
The Nunes Memo and Vince Foster
Christopher Ruddy on Brett Kavanaugh  (also under The Trump Years)
Thomas Merton and Patrick Knowltonreview of Knowlton’s autobiography, compared with a memoir by Merton
When Bill Kristol Heard the Vince Foster Witness Story  (by Hugh Turley)
Vince Foster’s College Goes Full WokeDavidson College, Carol Quillen, president
Letter to William Styron about Vince Foster’s Death
Vince Foster, Race, and Davidson College Snowflakes
Ken Starr’s Contempt for Your Intelligencereview of Starr’s Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation
Google, Tool of the Deep State
About those White House Surveillance Cameras
 Oklahoma City Bombing
Terrorism Museum
Lying About Bombing
Upton Sinclair and Timothy McVeigh
“Justice” Department ?  (by Hugh Turley) – about Kenneth Trentadue
 James Forrestal
Who Killed James Forrestal ?  Part 1
Who Killed James Forrestal ? (short version) - Shades of Vincent Foster
Who Killed James Forrestal ?  Part 2 - Signs of a Struggle ?
Who Killed James Forrestal ?  Part 3 - The Cover-up Continues
Who Killed James Forrestal ?  Part 4 - Britain’s Forrestal
Who Killed James Forrestal ?  Part 5 - Press and historians close ranks, minds
Who Killed James Forrestal ?  Part 6 - The Mendocracy versus the Public
James Carroll on James Forrestal
Letters Concerning James Forrestal
Forrestal, Skippy Creator Shared Similar Fate
“Crime Scene Photographs”
New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-up
Forrestal Slander
Forrestal’s Handwriting ?
Post Reporter Continues Forrestal Cover-up
Spook Shrink Flubs Script (also under Vince Foster)
Lies about the Kennedy and Forrestal Deaths  (also under John F. Kennedy)
Cornell Simpson on J. Robert Oppenheimer  (also under The Red Decade and After)
Handwriting Tells Dark Tale ?  (by Hugh Turley)
Historians Support Forrestal Inquiry  (by Hugh Turley)
Secrets of Glenn Cooper: A Review
On “Cornell Simpson,” Medford Evans, M. Stanton Evans, and the John Birch Society
Forrestal Ignored  – about the end-of-WWII-fraud  (also under World War II)
James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy  (also under The Red Decade and After)
“Forrestal Committed Suicide,” Claims Cold War Historian
“Jews” Tried to Kill Truman in 1947  (also under Israel)
The Pearl Harbor Betrayal and James Forrestal’s Death:  As told by Walter Trohan  (also under World War II)
Oliver Stone on James Forrestal
Jews, Catholics Bury the Hatchet … in Forrestal
A Lawyer’s Case for Harry Hopkins  – Review of The Hopkins Touch by David Roll  (also under World War II)
Man Awarded Ph.D. for Trashing Martin, Forrestal  – the man is Matthew McNiece
James Forrestal and John Kennedy  (also under John F. Kennedy)
The Forrestal Murder and the News Media  (also under Vince Foster)
Lyndon Johnson, Sinister “Colossus”review of Phillip F. Nelson’s book  (also under John F. Kennedy)
Persistent Lies about James Forrestal
Letter to a Court Historian about Forrestal’s Deaththe historian being Gregg Herken
The American (Establishment) Catholic on Forrestal’s Death
Spartacus Drops the Ball on Forrestal  – the Spartacus Educational website managed by John Simkin
Daughter of Key Forrestal Witness Surfaces  – the witness being Edward Prise
Frightened Forrestal Witness Became War Hero  – more about Edward Prise
James Forrestal, the Great Patriot  – Introduction from The Assassination of James Forrestal
James Forrestal’s “Breakdown”  – It was planned for Forrestal to visit Hobe Sound.
James Forrestal’s “Anti-Semitism”
James Forrestal and Palestine
Israel’s Murder, Inc.  (also under Israel)
The Other British Forrestal  – Douglas Reed on Lord Northcliffe (also under Israel)
Godfather of Soviet Containment Is Cancel Culture Victim  – of Ralph Levering
Untruths in Forrestal Book Review  – on Amazon
“Dean of Cold War Historians” on James Forrestal  – John Lewis Gaddis
James Forrestal, Harry Truman, and Israel  (also under Israel)
 Our Culture
Creed of the Credulous
Indifference to Tyranny
Mencken and More on Lincoln’s Speech
Spooks on the Hill
The Grand Jury  (by Hugh Turley)
Time to Bring Back the Runaway Grand Jury  (by Hugh Turley)
Citizens as Sovereigns  – about jury nullification  (by Hugh Turley)
Presidential Primary Election Choices ?  (by Hugh Turley)
Rice a Bad Choice for Augusta National  (by Hugh Turley)
A Condensation of Military Incompetence
Anti-war, Anti-FDR, John T. Flynn  (by Hugh Turley)
So Lance Lied. So What? referring to Lance Armstrong
Anonymous CIA Official Dies Violently
Silence Broken in UNC Athletic Scandal
Dog Torture at Bottom of CIA Scandal Martin Seligman lead to Mitchell and Jessen
Trifling with Twitter
About that Obama “Movement”
The “Rebel” Flag and the “Civil War” Debated rounds 1, 2, 3
Johnny Reb and Billy Yank Flag Debate Continues round 4
Dust-Up with History Prof over Rebel Flag Continues round 5
Wikipedia’s Greatest Misses
Cheated: The Massive UNC Athletic Scandal Exposedreview of book by Jay Smith & Mary Willingham
NCAA Caves on UNC CorruptionWashington Post Blacks Out the News
Honor Abandoned at UNC ?  (by W. Douglas Cooper)
UNC-CHeats Achieve “Redemption”
Censored by Amazon  (also under Israel)
Amazon Censorship Hits Home
YouTube Censorship Really Hits Home
Miracle in Maryland & Confessions of a Football Fanatic
YouTube’s Complete Corruption Revealed
Life in the Confederate Armyreview of the Civil War memoir by William Watson
Fear Theater – the coronavirus masks in context
YouTube: Truth about Jewish Power Is “Hate Speech”
An “Adult Content” YouTube Video
“John Lennon’s” Greatest Hit
Video on 9/11 Removed from YouTube as “Hate Speech”
Amazon Censorship
New Article on Baxter Death
Baxter Autopsy Suggests Murder  (Autopsy report no longer online.)
Enron Suicide ?
 Corrupt Journalism
Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression
Howard Kurtz Libels Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Strain at a Gnat ...
Spook Journalist Goulden
Children’s Fantasy Writers
Times Touts Fake Right Site
More on Truth Suppression
Spectator’s Spectacle
Fake Polls
Fake Globalist Opposition
News Quiz
Columbine Shooters
Ben Bradlee in “Dick”
Tainted Evidence
Jailhouse Murder
Cairo Conspiracy Theory
FBI Covers Up Again
The Polk Conspiracy
To My Cousin on James Dickey
Reading Between the Washington Lines
The Clinton Presidency
Mencken on Psychology
Desperate Deception, A Reviewof book subtitled “British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44” by Thomas Mahl
Parade of Lies, Part 1
Parade of Lies, Part 3 – King Dubya’s Diction
ABC Wants Me!
News Suppression in Action (Tommy Burkett)
Parade of Lies, Part 4
Parade of Lies, Part 5
Is the Birch Society a Zionist Front ?
No Source for Hanging-Priests Calumny
Post Suppresses News on Rosie’s 9-11 Doubts
The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder
Stock Market Propaganda
Burdick, Mitchell on Hart, Rice
Edna Buchanan’s Embarrassment
New York Times Hides DeParle Connection
Et Tu, Trudeau ?about Garry Trudeau, Michael Shermer
The Effrontery of “Torino”
Post Silent on Gul’s 9-11 Views ?
Neocon Blogosphere Changes Tune on Lara Logan
A CBS and Murdoch Hoax ? – Part 1about Lara Logan
A CBS and Murdoch Hoax ? – Part 2
Ten Years Later Washington Post Fabricates 9-11 News  (by Hugh Turley, about Steve Hendrix)
Who Is Citizens United  – A Propaganda Primer
Ron Paul’s CPAC and Virginia Cop-outs
Washington Post Distorts Trayvon Martin News
Watergate Lies Multiplied: The Fiction of Frost/Nixon
CNN Censors Richard Belzer
The Muted News of the Zimmerman Lawsuit
Parade of Lies, Part 7  – Parade Magazine in Full Propaganda Mode
Double Agent Ruddy Reaching for Media Pinnacle  (also under Vince Foster)
Parade of Lies, Part 8  – Parade Magazine’s Latest Bunkum  (also under War on Terrorism)
Ben Bradlee, Secret-Government Stalwartformer Washington Post editor
The Great Suppression of 2014  (also under Immigration)
How Brian Williams Almost “Chinookered” Us
The Money and the Power – A Review of the book by Sally Denton & Roger Morris, also under The 2016 Presidential Election
Latest FBI Fakery on Vince Foster Death  (by Hugh Turley), also under Vince Foster
The Heroin Epidemic and the News
Washington Free Beacon Spook Operation
Who Really Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Gary Hart: The Front Runner – review of the movie
Hillbilly Agent? – review of Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance
NPRavda Features Double Agent Ruddy – National Public Radio and Christopher Ruddy
Mark Middleton, Meet Daniel Best
The Most Under-Reported Big News Story – Tara Reade’s defection
 Thomas Merton
Is the American Press the Enemy of the People?Thomas Merton and D. Q. McInerny on the subject
Thomas Merton, Anti-War Heroa review of JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglass
The Hot Potato of Thomas Merton’s Deathmore about McInerny
Merton’s Message Resonates as Nuclear Holocaust Looms
Talk Show Hostess Continues Merton Death Cover-Upone Maria Johnson of “Reasonably Catholic”
Parade of Whoppers about Thomas Merton’s Death
What We Know about Thomas Merton’s Death  (by Hugh Turley and David Martin)
Thomas Merton’s Death and Fake Opposition
New Directions’ Misdirection on Thomas Merton’s Death  (by Hugh Turley and David Martin)
Penn Jones and the Thomas Merton Death Cover-Up
Key False Document in the Thomas Merton Death Case
Befuddled Juror in Thomas Merton Book Verdict
Professor Secretly Trashes Merton Book
The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigationreview by Anthony Donovan of the book by Hugh Turley & David Martin
An Enemy of the Thomas Merton Societyapparently the ITMS sees Hugh Turley & David Martin as the enemy
Thomas Merton’s “Death Shout”
The Early Thai Reports, the Press, and the Abbey on Thomas Merton’s Death  (by David Martin and Hugh Turley)
M. Teresa, Fr. Richard Rohr, and Thomas Merton  (by Hugh Turley)
The Thomas Merton Autopsy that Wasn’t
Black Like Whom? Mystery Man, John Howard Griffin
Getting a Grip on Thomas Merton’s Murder
More on Thomas Merton
 Obama Administration
Kill the Messenger  ?
Spare the Messenger !
Obama Biographer Crude Propagandist
Could Barack Obama Really Go Bulworth?
Mount ObamaRobert Coram’s Caribbean Time Bomb: The US Complicity in the Corruption of Antigua
 Pan Am 103 (Lockerbie)
U.S. vs. U.K. Press on Pan Am 103
Lockerbie News
Lockerbie Propaganda
America’s Unfree Press and Lockerbie
 Miscellaneous Government Corruption
The “D.C. Madam” Outrage
The Improbability of the D.C. Madam’s Suicide
A Washington Tragedy  (by Hugh Turley)
Get Out: White Racism or Mind Control?
“Seth Rich Confidante” Escaped to Russiaabout John Mark Dougan
 UNICOR  (Federal Prison Industries)
The UNICOR Dinosaur
UNICOR I – The Pampered Giant
UNICOR II – Industry Complaints
UNICOR III – The Job Trainer
UNICOR IV – Flawed Premise ?
UNICOR V – A Better System
Statement to US House
 John F. Kennedy
Pruden, Aynesworth, Rather: Propagandists All
Dorothy Kilgallen and JFK – I
Dorothy Kilgallen and JFK – II
Dorothy Kilgallen, RIP
Fake Media Critic ?
Sons and Brothers
Martin Lies about Kennedy Assassination
JFK and RFK, a Tale of Two Assassinations
Times Slanders Assassination Victims
Chomsky, the Fraud
Chomsky, the Fraud, Part 2
Lies about the Kennedy and Forrestal Deaths  (also under James Forrestal)
John F. Kennedy on the Loss of China  (also under The Red Decade and After)
Abuse of Psychiatry in the Kennedy Assassination
Biggest Whistleblower in JFK Case Ignored
John Connally, JFK, and Truth Suppression
The Kennedy Assassination and the Press
Painting Horns and Moustaches: America’s Press Addresses JFK Dissent
James Forrestal and John Kennedy  (also under James Forrestal)
Did Lyndon Step Down So Bobby Could Be Killed?
Lyndon Johnson, Sinister “Colossus”review of Phillip F. Nelson’s book  (also under James Forrestal)
From an Office Building with a High-Powered Riflea review of Don Adams’s book
How RFK Could Have Saved His Life, and His Country
Eyewitnesses and the JFK Medical Evidencea review of In the Eye of History by William Law
 Puerto Rico
Letter to “The Washington Times”
Puerto Rico Statehood: Imminent Danger
Ill-informed Consent, the Question of Statehood for P.R.
Puerto Rico Statehood Polls
CIA Plots Puerto Rico Statehood
CIA Pushes Puerto Rico Statehood
Associated Press Pushes for Statehood for Puerto Rico
The Roots of Puerto Rico’s Economic Disaster
 The Red Decade and After
How We Gave the Russians the Bomb
FDR Winked at Soviet Espionage
FDR Tipped Pro-Soviet Hand Early
The New York Times and Joseph Stalin
Cornell Simpson on J. Robert Oppenheimer  (also under James Forrestal)
Harry Hopkins Hosted Soviet Spy Cell
Truman Administration Adviser Counseled Surrender of Korea to Reds
M. Stanton Evans on Good Night and Good Luck
James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy  (also under James Forrestal)
McCarthy Target Touted Soviet Agent’s Book in NY Times
John F. Kennedy on the Loss of China  (also under John F. Kennedy)
Three Important Assassinations ? – Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, Gus Weiss
The Institute of Pacific Relations and the Betrayal of China – Senate Testimony of Alfred Kohlberg
Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Governmentreview of the book by Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein, and of Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick
American Victims of the Soviet Gulagreview of The Forsaken by Tim Tzouliadis
Elia Kazan, American Hero
A.Word.A.Day on “McCarthyism”
Harry Hopkins and FDR’s Commissars
Was Franklin Roosevelt a Communist?
Why Senator Joe McCarthy Had to Be Destroyed
A Tale of Two ObituariesIsrael Epstein and Joseph Sobran
American Betrayal – A Reviewof the book by Diana West
Post Gushes over Top Red Screenwriternamely Dalton Trumbo
Onward Christian Soldiersa review of the book by Donald Day
 World War II
Day of Deceit
Desperate Deception, A Review
Andy Rooney, War Propagandist, Liar
Roosevelt’s Revenge ?
FDR’s Right-Hand Perjurer ?
A Tale of Two Cartoonists  – T. Seuss Geisel & Percy Crosby  (by Hugh Turley)
Percy Crosby on Franklin Roosevelt
Luciano: SS Normandie Sunk as Cover for Dewey
Chosin: A review  (of a film about the Korean battle)
Forrestal Ignored  (also under James Forrestal)
First into Nagasaki  (by Hugh Turley)
The Pearl Harbor Betrayal and James Forrestal’s Death:  As told by Walter Trohan  (also under James Forrestal)
The Ultimatum that Gave Us Pearl Harbor
How FDR Dragged Out WW II for Stalin
Oliver Stone on the Japanese Surrender
Suppressed Letters on Adolf Eichmann and Vincent Foster
A Lawyer’s Case for Harry Hopkins  – Review of The Hopkins Touch by David Roll  (also under James Forrestal)
Pearl Harbor vs. 9/11  (also under War on Terrorism)
Did a Soviet Agent Cause the Pearl Harbor Attack?  – Uh, No. A review of Operation Snow by John Koster
The Enemy at Our Back  – Review of The Enemy at His Back by Elizabeth Churchill Brown
FDR Goes to War  – Review of the book by Henry and Anita Folsom
Flying Wing Shot Down by Truman Era Corruption?
How Britain Initiated Both World Wars
(see also  Amelia Earhart  and  American Press Beating Familiar War Drums)
 Amelia Earhart
Hillary Clinton and the Amelia Earhart Cover-up  – Review of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last by Mike Campbell
Amelia Earhart: Truth Versus the Establishment
Press Touts Dubious Earhart Photo
Earhart Photo Story Apparently Debunked
“Earhart Photo” Debunker Debunked?
Propaganda Press Flailing over Amelia Earhart
Really Foreign Policy
Patrick J. Hurley Meets David Ben-Gurion
The Old Zionist Smear Machine
The Zionist Mentality and Method
“Jews” Tried to Kill Truman in 1947
The Brazen Duplicity of George Weigel
Did Truman’s Poor Reading Skills Give Us Israel?
Pernicious Zionism Revealed  – Review of Against Our Better Judgment by Alison Weir
Zionism, the False Messiah  – Review of Alan Hart’s website
Seeds of Permanent Conflict  – Review of Palestine Papers 1917-1922 by Doreen Ingrams
What Did Anne Frank Have Against Americans?
Remember the Liberty!  – Review of the book by Phillip Nelson
Censored by Amazon  (also under Our Culture)
How about a “Rachel Corrie Act” from Congress?
Dr. Einstein or Dr. Frankenstein?
Devin Nunes and the USS Liberty  – about the heroism of Terry Halbardier
Zionism Contradicts Judaism  – review of the work of Alfred Lilienthal
The Host & the Parasite  – review of the book by Greg Felton
Israel’s Murder, Inc.  (also under James Forrestal)
The Other British Forrestal  – Douglas Reed on Lord Northcliffe (also under James Forrestal)
The Balfour Declaration’s Bitter Fruit  – review of J.M.N. Jeffries’ Palestine the Reality: The Inside Story of the Balfour Declaration 1917-1938
Important Assassination Movie Quashed  – Lawrence: After Arabia
James Forrestal, Harry Truman, and Israel   (also under James Forrestal)
Genocidal Israelis Napalmed Civilian Refugees  – The unHoly Land by A. C. Forrest, part 1
Deep Roots of the Current Gaza Slaughter  – part 2
Illegal Israel  – part 3
(see also  James Forrestal)
 War on Drugs
Rotten Goulden/Corn
War for the Mines
Kosovo Slaughter Spin
The Noble Scribes II
Is Ukraine’s New Prime Minister a Jew?the wages of Yagoda, Reichman and Kaganovich
American Press Beating Familiar War Drums
Lawrence of Arabia and Yevgeny Pigrozhin
An Unacceptable Target
An Enormous Crime  – review of book by Bill Hendon & Elizabeth Stewart about POWs abandoned in Southeast Asia
Finding David: An American Wife Betrayed by Her Government  – review of the book by Carol Hrdlicka about POWs abandoned in Southeast Asia
Paul Wilcher (October Surprise)
Roanoke: Solving The Mystery of the Lost Colonyreview of Lee Miller’s book
Code Name Artichoke  (about the death of Frank Olson, by Hugh Turley)
A Letter to the Poet Laureate  (Natasha Trethewey)
The Carolinas, Jews, and China  (about Sidney Rittenberg)
YouTube “Crucifies” COVID-19 “Savior”  (about Brian Proctor)
Abe Lincoln, Anti-Catholic?  (about allegations of Charles Chiniquy)
Jefferson Davis, in His Own Words  (with a comparison to the January 6 “insurrection”)
Douglas Brinkley, Deranged Court Historian, on Jan. 6
Richard Petty’s Hometown and the U.S. Military
Leonard Rawls, Wilber Hardee, and Hardee’s Restaurants  – Wikipedia is unreliable

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