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Israel Moves to Tighten its Racial Purity Laws

Abridged from The New Observer
June 23, 2017

The Israeli government has announced a new law which will squash all legal challenges to its biologically-based  Jews-only racial immigration requirements.

The Israeli government has inserted legislation known in Israel as the “Haredi conversion bill” into the agenda of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation set for this coming weekend.

The law has been promoted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s orthodox coalition partners in the Israeli Knesset—upon whom he depends to keep himself in power—and will give the country’s Chief Rabbinate a final legal monopoly on “conversion,”—that is, deciding who is a Jew and who is not.

The legislation has been formulated by the Interior Ministry at the direction of Interior Minister and Shas chairman Arye Deri. 

The proposal determines that only conversions performed by the State Conversion Authority under the guidance of the Chief Rabbinate will be recognized for the purposes of citizenship via the Law of Return and registering as Jewish in the Interior Ministry.

It would permanently prevent Reform, Conservative and some Orthodox converts – who converted in Israel and are not yet citizens – from obtaining citizenship under the Law of Return.

The bill would circumvent a ruling last year by the High Court of Justice that ordered the state to grant citizenship to converts who converted through non-state, Orthodox rabbinical courts.

It would also preemptively circumvent an expected ruling by the High Court on a similar case regarding the right of Reform and Conservative converts who are not citizens to obtain citizenship under the Law of Return.

It is thought likely that the court will rule to award such converts citizenship; the timing of the new legislation is likely an attempt to prevent such an eventuality.


The Jewish lobby in America and all European countries are, of course, always at the forefront of opposing any parties or individuals who would dare suggest that Europeans be allowed to maintain their racial identity.

The Jewish lobby has a host of organizations devoted to opposing and attacking any non-Jews who they would class as “racist” just for wanting to duplicate Israel’s sensible laws. Jewish extremist organizations come in many forms, some posing as “civil rights groups” (such as the SPLC or ADL), while others take on the guise of “anti-racist” or “anti-fascist” organizations.

All of these groups, of course, support Israel, which implements the very same policy which the Jewish lobby so vehemently opposes in European countries.

This hypocrisy is so blatant that it cannot be by accident or coincidental—and is clearly part of a deliberately duplicitous effort to promote the racial destruction of European people while simultaneously preserving the racial identity of Jews.

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