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An interview with Richard Maybury, editor of The Early Warning Report for Investors, September 2007, by Patrick C. Gorman.
Coming: A New Golden Age

with Richard Maybury

MAYBURY:  ... can I offer a note of clarification before we get further into the subject of war?
The country and the government are not the same thing. I love this country and would not want to live anywhere else, but I consider the government to be the country’s most dangerous enemy. Washington is taxing us to death, it’s throwing the best medical system in the world into boundless confusion, it’s interfering in absolutely every aspect of our lives, its foreign policy for more than a century has been to wander the globe poking sharp sticks at rattlesnakes, and it’s packed with crooks and liars.

QUESTION:  ... wasn’t it during the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis that Iranians rose up against Washington’s pet tyrant, the Shah of Iran ...?

MAYBURY:  Yes. Washington had put the dictator in power and backed him for 25 years, because he claimed to be pro-American.

QUESTION:  ... Then in 1980 [actually 1981], shortly after the killing of Egypt’s Anwar Sadat – also backed by Washington – you wrote a 22-page special report called “The Thousand Year War.” ... You said that if Washington did not stop meddling in Islamic homelands, and backing Mideast tyrants, America would end up in a world war with Muslims.
Then in 1985, you did a huge article for The Washington Times. You compared today’s shoulder-launched guided missiles to the invention of the American rifle in the 1700s. ... could you explain?

MAYBURY:  My 1985 article was called, “Patrick Henry Updated, with Missiles.” ... I pointed out that a key factor that enabled the Minutemen and other rebels to win the American Revolution of 1776 was the Pennsylvania flintlock rifle. The gun was far superior to the government’s Brown Bess musket. It enabled Americans to use what were regarded as despicable, cowardly tactics, such as hiding behind rocks and trees to fire from long distances. The Americans won. These rag-tag bands of Yankee rebels beat their government’s army, which was the mightiest, most experienced army of its day.

QUESTION:  ... When the government’s army surrendered to the American rebels at Yorktown in 1781, the redcoat band played “The World Turned Upside Down.” And today’s guided missiles?

MAYBURY:  In that 1985 article, I said the shoulder-launched guided missile would enable Muslims to do the same thing, to successfully rebel against the Soviet and U.S. governments, who were backing the tyrants who were terrorizing Muslims.

QUESTION:  ... These tyrants today would be?

MAYBURY:  Musharraf in Pakistan, Mubarak in Egypt and the Saudi royal family are probably the top three most feared and hated, and there are dozens of lesser thugs all over the Islamic world receiving U.S. foreign aid.

QUESTION:  ... I’ve noticed Congressman Ron Paul, who leans very conservative, in his presidential campaign is trying to draw attention to this. So you agree, foreign aid is the main culprit, the primary cause of the war?

MAYBURY:  Absolutely. Every conservative I’ve ever met has hated foreign aid, they’ve always said it would lead to catastrophe. Rarely in history has anyone been so spectacularly right as those conservatives have. Most of the foreign aid goes not to the people of these countries, but to the corrupt governments that brutalize them, so the people hate Washington.
QUESTION:  ... Some Americans seem to believe their foreign aid tax dollars go for humanitarian purposes.

MAYBURY:  Some money does, enough to camouflage the military aid to dictators. And, of course, U.S. officials know that much of the humanitarian aid is siphoned off into the dictators’ own secret bank accounts. In other words, much of the so-called humanitarian aid is really disguised bribes.

QUESTION:  ... I’ve read that, in terms of today’s dollars, since World War II, the federal government has given away more than a trillion dollars of our tax money.
In the November 2003 issue of your newsletter, Early Warning Report, you ran a map showing the governments that receive U.S. tax dollars. It’s as if, every tyrant on the planet is dipping into the U.S. taxpayer’s wallet.

MAYBURY:  Not every one, but certainly most. What’s really fascinating is that the State Department is required by law to report what it knows about the brutality of the regimes to which Congress sends money and weapons. You can find these reports at www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2006 , and a list of governments that receive your foreign aid tax dollars at www.census.gov/compendia/statab/foreign_commerce_aid/foreign_aid . The top ten recipients of foreign aid are the governments of Israel, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and Russia. ...

QUESTION:  ... ... I remember in an Early Warning Report article you said, foreign aid is why millions of innocent people around the world see every bullet fired at them as made in the USA. Millions still like America, and Americans, but the only foreigners left who like the federal government are the rulers who get money from it.

MAYBURY:  Yes. Much of the aid to tyrants is secret, but in 2002, a Navy officer in the Pentagon spilled the beans, saying that virtually every government except those of Cuba and the ones on the terrorist list receive weapons or some other kind of military aid from Washington. It was in the New York Times, August 10, 2002.

QUESTION:  ... So, Richard Maybury is part of the blame America crowd?

MAYBURY:  No! I’m part of the blame the federal government crowd.
QUESTION:  ... Continuing with your track record, in February 1989, just as you predicted, shoulder launched guided missiles enabled the Afghans to throw the Soviet army out of Afghanistan. The second mightiest army ever seen on earth was beaten. And nine months later, after the Soviet Union’s oppressed masses realized that the Kremlin had become a paper tiger, the Berlin Wall came down, and the Kremlin’s empire was shattered. Your 1985 article was exactly right.
... With the Kremlin’s empire collapsing, the world began to cheer a new era of peace and brotherly love. But you said, don’t believe it, investors should prepare for a new era of war ... .
MAYBURY:  ... By the year 2000, more than 100 new wars had broken out, killing more than five million.

QUESTION:  ... What happened to the new era of peace and brotherly love?

MAYBURY:  As I explained in the early ’90s, the nations of East Europe, Asia and North Africa are not real countries. They are collections of tribes, clans and ethnic groups, thousands of them, that have hated and fought each other for centuries. The Kremlin sat on that huge powder keg – I call it Chaostan, the land of chaos – like a lid on a pressure cooker, and when the lid blew off in 1989, the explosion began.

QUESTION:  ... By 2000, you were saying in almost every issue of Early Warning Report, look out. The Muslim rebels have beaten the world’s number two military power, and now they are going to come after number one, if Washington does not get out of the Mideast and stop backing Mideast tyrants.
Chaostan, that’s pronounced Chaos-tan, you coined the term in 1992?

MAYBURY:  Yes. All over Chaostan – not everywhere, certainly, but commonly – if you ask people, do you want freedom?, they will say, Yes!, we want the freedom to kill the people in the neighboring village before they can kill us. That third of the world has been this way for centuries.

QUESTION:  ... And it’s why people such as Saddam Hussein are loved and respected at the same time they are hated.

MAYBURY:  These cutthroats maintain a kind of peace and security, by saying to their people, if you make trouble you die. For Washington to eliminate a Saddam Hussein without causing the kind of bloody chaos we see in Iraq, it must itself become the replacement for the dictator it removes.

QUESTION:  ... It must become a Saddam Hussein clone.

MAYBURY:  Yes. And that’s what it’s doing. The Patriot Act, the secret torture prisons, the indefinite imprisonments without trials, ... – these are Washington becoming the evil it’s fighting.
... America is going through a very rough patch. This is typical during the dissolution of an empire. The politicians and their henchmen fight like tigers to preserve their power, so the war drags on and on. It won’t end soon, but there’s a very bright side.

QUESTION:  ... What do you regard as soon?

MAYBURY:  I’m 99% confident the war has at least two decades left to run ... .
After World War II, the French Empire took about 17 years of bloodshed to wane, and the British Empire about 25 years. Today’s U.S. Empire is far larger than either of them, and the war is only six years old.

QUESTION:  ... You mentioned a bright side?

MAYBURY:  ... Look at Russia. It’s no Eden, but it’s vastly better than during the days of the Soviet Empire. That’s typical throughout modern history. An empire – the domination of other countries – is full of power and glory for the politicians, they love visiting these foreign countries and being treated like royalty by the thugs they’re subsidizing. Nothing puffs up a congressman’s ego like having his boots licked. But for America as a whole, the empire is a parasite, it’s consuming our blood and treasure, and when it ends —

QUESTION:  ... Wait a minute, ... many would say America does not have an empire.

MAYBURY:  They’re right, America doesn’t, but the federal government does; the government is not the country.

QUESTION:  ... Okay, the bright side. What happens when Washington’s empire is gone?

MAYBURY:  Politicians will be depressed, but the country will be much better off. Look at Britain, France, Italy, Spain, all of them. They are, without exception, vastly better places than when they had empires. America, too, will be an unimaginably better place, once its empire – its parasite – is dead. I think we have a very good chance of seeing what historians will someday call The Golden Age of America, a time of peace, liberty and abundance.

QUESTION:  ... But not right away. The problem is?

MAYBURY:  The transition period, it’s tough. People who have the courage to face the reality, to study it and learn the ways of profiting from it, can become wonderfully prosperous, as many did when the European empires fell. Those who try to ignore it, will be blindsided by one nasty surprise after another. ...
QUESTION:  ... Tell us more about foreign aid.

MAYBURY:  Since 9-11, Pakistan’s dictator Musharraf, for instance, has received $10 billion worth of U.S. cash, high-tech equipment, planes and helicopters. You can imagine what his millions of victims think about us. If you were Pakistani and one of his troops killed a member of your family, what would you do?

QUESTION:  ... I probably wouldn’t like Americans very much.

MAYBURY:  Exactly, and it goes further. Pakistan is mostly Muslim, and a traditional enemy of India, which is mostly Hindu. Imagine what Hindus think of us for giving aid to Pakistan. And India has 900 million Hindus. If just one in 10,000 decides to kill Americans, that’s 90,000 new terrorists. A lot of them speak perfect English and could travel around the U.S. quite comfortably.

QUESTION:  ... Up to now, the terrorists have been Muslims, but you’re saying that it could soon spread to Hindus, too?

MAYBURY:  Sure. If I were a Hindu watching all this U.S. tax money and weapons going to Musharraf, I’d be livid.

QUESTION:  ... This kind of ... effect from meddling in foreign countries has been going on how long?

MAYBURY:  Constantly since World War II.
QUESTION:  ... Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us.

MAYBURY:  Thank you, Pat, and you are right, everyone should learn all they can about this war. It will continue being the strongest influence on the economy and the investment markets, probably for the rest of our lives. ...

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