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Various and Sundry

The Diary of Thomas Edison
Complete text of the diary Edison kept for two weeks while on vacation in 1885, with our helpful explanatory notes.

1920: Dips into the Near Future
British satire by John A. Hobson written in 1917 during World War I. It describes a calculatedly graded descent into totalitarianism, the totalitarian’s abuse of language to get what he wants, and the charade of freedom that keeps people enslaved. This new edition comes with our helpful introduction and explanatory notes.

Respiration Without Breathing: The Thunberg Barospirator
About the respirator invented by Torsten Thunberg, refined by Alvin Barach and John Emerson. Thunberg’s original invention was superceded by the iron lung but later the refined version found use in resting the patient’s lungs and in physiological research.

What’s Wrong With the Theory of Elementary Waves
About Lewis Little’s quantum mechanical theory once recommended by Harry Binswanger, out of his depth. The traditional version of quantum mechanics does need some work but TEW is no improvement.

Impressions of Soviet Russia
Complete text of six chapters of a book by the American philosopher John Dewey, who visited Russia in 1928. To say his impressions were favorable would be an understatement. A must read for those interested in Dewey’s educational ideas or the Red Decade. Sydney Hook later set Dewey straight regarding Stalin but that didn’t prevent him from continuing to promote socialized education.

A Montessori Mother
Intelligently abridged version of the book by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, originally published in 1912 during the first wave of enthusiasm for the Montessori Method in the U.S., an enthusiasm that was quickly extinguished by John Dewey and his students. It had to wait until the early sixties for a renaissance in the U.S. This book was republished in 1965 under the title Montessori for Parents.

The Montessori Method
Intelligently abridged version of Maria Montessori’s first book on her method of child education. The book also describes her method of investigation that led to it.

Voice Coil Actuators
An alternative to geared DC and stepper motors. A voice coil provides a force along a line without gears or other rotating parts.

Interesting mathematical techniques with program code included.

The Willcutts Report
Complete text of the Navy Medical Corp’s incompetent, perhaps even faux, investigation into the death of James Forrestal, former Secretary of Defense, at Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1949. Includes the  Nurses Notes  from the report and our extensive commentary. The assassins were either Soviet or Israeli agents, possibly both since the ideologies of the two countries were similar and at this time Israel was courting Soviet aid.